Knowledge is infinite therefore curiosity should be vast.

The wise man knows that he knows nothing therefore continuously seeks further understanding.

It is this thought alone that grants a person freedom as it opens up the world to a limitless potential.

Depending on one’s goal, education can differ highly from school. If one’s target is to become a doctor, his method of education will vary from the one who seeks to become a successful entrepreneur.

There is no right or wrong way, the method of education is purely predicated on your target therefore it’s imperative to set the correct targets through deep self-analysis and reflection so one’s soul doesn’t end up in the wrong destination.

One thing is for certain, one must cultivate a deep sense of curiosity in whichever route they choose and have a relentless drive to gain deeper understanding within their field, whether that’s through school or practical work.

Know that you know nothing then the notion of liberation will hit.



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An avid stoic philosopher documenting my journey to life mastery & sharing my thought processes along the way.